The First Time - Mercedes-Benz CLK 280 -

The First Time – Mercedes-Benz CLK 280

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”Do you get to drive a lot?” my father asks me, as I see him for the first time since I passed my drivers test. I tell him that it is not always a lot, but I do grab every chance I get. However, until now, that has mostly been manuals. ”Well, it will be exciting to try out an automatic, then,” he says, as he quickly explains what to be aware of. We arrive at the party that is 40+, and as he hands over the keys to his black Mercedes-Benz CLK 280, he points to a switch right next to the gear stick, saying C and S. “If you feel like driving a little faster, just click S and let the pedal drop to the floor. I will call you when the party is over,” after which I stand alone with the keys to my father’s dearest possession, with a 3.0-liter motor. Something quite else than my daily driver Renault Clio 3.

I sit down in the driver seat, and for a moment I just sit there, enjoying all the impressions. The comfortable anthracite leather seats, the black leather steering wheel, and the wood panels. I turn on the stereo, switch to TheVoice – Non-stop music, and put the roof down. I turn on the car, slowly drive down the curb, careful and fully aware that my bank balance is not capable of covering any damages to the car. Luckily it is a quiet evening, and I drive in a 40 km/h zone along the coast, passing the expensive mansions, and slowly getting to know the car. As I pass the city limits, I quickly accelerate to the wrong side of the speed limit, however, the car is still in comfort mode. The windows get rolled up to minimize the wind noise, and it is getting a little chilly. However, I keep telling myself that I am not going to roll up the roof on such a beautiful summer night, especially not before the sun has set.

After only a few minutes behind the steering wheel, I feel confident in the CLK and I quickly figured out the cruise control, or as Mercedes calls it, Distronic. The LCD display between the speedometer and the rev counter tells me everything I need to know, and right above the display, Mercedes have fitted a small analog clock, giving a more exclusive feel to the car. I turn up the stereo, and turn away from the boulevard and into the countryside, without knowing exactly where I am going. I tell myself that if everything goes wrong, I will just turn on the navigation system in the center console display. It does not take many moments before I find a lovely and empty backroad. I slow down and come to a stop as I turn off the stereo, and for a few moments, I sit in complete silence. After enjoying the night sky, I put the car in sports mode, which immediately is confirmed on the display in front of me. I put the Mercedes CLK 280 in neutral, and give it a few lovely revs before I push the gear stick back to Drive, and set in motion.

I am reading 80 km/h in no time, and only a few seconds later the display is telling me 110 km/h. I proceed to slow down, happy that I did not pass any speed cameras, all while I sit a giggle like a child. The Mercedes CLK 280 is not the fastest car around, by no means, but as you get pushed back into the seat, and are driving more than 100 km/h in under nine seconds, do you really care? I for sure do not.

The car is put back in comfort mode, as I head northwest, to get a quick nap, before I take out the car again, this time to go get my father.

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